Two new important articles are published

Hello all,

There are two new important articles published on LZ1AQ site .

The first article “Experimental Comparison of Small Wideband Magnetic Loops” experimentally analyze the effect of using crossed coplanar loops which might be important to AAA-1 users. There is also an Excel spreadsheet w-loop-calc-v10.xls to calculate the efficiency of the wideband loop. Sensitivities of numerous loops are calculated which can be practically used to build the best loop for certain conditions.

The second article is “Receiving Phased Array with Small Electric or Magnetic Active Wideband Elements. Experimental Performance Evaluation”. Here the performance of simple unidirectional antennas build with active loops and dipoles is evaluated. AAA-1 amplifiers can be used to build such arrays. It is possible to build a good unidirectional (with switched directions) phased antenna in a small yard for the frequencies down to 0.5 MHz .

I wish a Happy New Year to everybody reading this site and a lot of fun to all those who have AAA-1 kits.

Chavdar LZ1AQ