Clones of LZ1AQ Active Loop Amplifier on the Market

Recently on the market appeared some commercial products claimed that they are LZ1AQ design. We do not have any connections with these products and do not guarantee that these products have the same performance as our original AAA-1 product.

We have published in our earlier publication the schematics and design considerations of an active loop antenna amplifier in order to help radio amateurs to build their own. Probably all these above mentioned products are copy and paste designs from our article. Our present commercial product is an enhanced and improved version with different active elements (low noise VHF transistors), improved filters and improved common mode rejection by using opto-couplers insulation in control schematics. The amplifier input is protected from strong electromagnetic fields such as nearby legal limit amplifiers and nearby lightning strikes.

AAA-1 kit has additional second High Z input amplifier for electric field antennas as short verticals and dipoles. Both amplifiers have a protection against strong electromagnetic fields, protection limiters for the receiver inputs. The user can switch between several modes: two separate loops in different modes and directions or short vertical. Every amplifier is tested in laboratory for frequency response, noise and IMD products and we guarantee that each amplifier is within specifications limits published in our documentation.