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About us

These kits were designed by Chavdar Levkov, LZ1AQ, with the help of friends. The PCB production and PCB assembly are performed in the following factiories:

Micron-20 Ltd. Sofia Bulgaria
PrimaTech Pro. Ltd., Sofia
Unitel Ltd. Sofia.

The adjustments and tests are performed in Signacor Lab. Ltd. Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Chavdar Levkov

Chavdar Levkov (b.1949 in Sofia, Bulgaria). First crystal detector radio at the age of 10. First QSO in 1963. LZ1AQ call sign obtained in 1969. M.Sc. degree in telecommunications from Sofia Tech. University in 1973. In 1973 designed a simple CW/SSB transceiver which becomes widely popular among Bulgarian amateurs. More than 200 copies were built. Worked in the field of biomedical engineering from 1976 in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and the Medical Academy in Sofia. Obtained Doctor of Science title in 1987 in the field of Technical Electrocardiology. Assoc. Professor from 1990. From 1991 founder and C.E.O. of a small firm for design and production of electrocardiological equipment. The radio has been his first love and hobby. Married – wife Mariana, sons Lev (LZ1ACD) and Chavdar jr. (LZ1ABC).