Missing part of documentation for AAA-1C model

By our fault for, some time, part of documentation was missing in https://active-antenna.eu/amplifier-kit/technical-documentation/ . The missing file is “Model AAA-1C. Addendum to AAA-1B documentation” It is now available at https://active-antenna.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/aaa-1c_addendum_11.pdf . Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards, LZ1AQ

New Version of Control Board for AAA-1

Hello all, There is a new version of Control Board v.1.10. Now it has two different limiters which limit the output voltage either 4 V pp or 2 V pp in order to protect the receiver front end. Read http://active-antenna.eu/application-notes/receiver-front-end-protection/. … Continued