Missing part of documentation for AAA-1C model

By our fault for, some time, part of documentation was missing in https://active-antenna.eu/amplifier-kit/technical-documentation/ . The missing file is “Model AAA-1C. Addendum to AAA-1B documentation” It is now available at https://active-antenna.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/aaa-1c_addendum_11.pdf . Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards, LZ1AQ

New Version of Control Board for AAA-1

Hello all, There is a new version of Control Board v.1.10. Now it has two different limiters which limit the output voltage either 4 V pp or 2 V pp in order to protect the receiver front end. Read http://active-antenna.eu/application-notes/receiver-front-end-protection/. … Continued

New Batch of AAA-1C

The new batch of the Active Antenna Amplifiers is avaialble in stock. The new board revision is marked as v.6.01. There are no differences in specifications compared to the previous batch and the model is AAA-1C. Every kit ordered after … Continued