List of Clients Waiting for Delivery

This is a list of clients who have ordered the kit but waiting for delivery via Bulgarian Post.
Read the previous posts about the circumstances. Your tracking codes are pasted on the parcels and are waiting for delivery. Some clients do not want to wait and suggest to use a courier service for which they will pay. Here the prices for these services are very high. For example the cost to USA delivery within 5 days is 322 USD with UPS and 65 euro with DHL. We do not have any discounts from these firms since we do not use them regularly. We strongly recommend to be patient, earlier or later our Post will resume delivery and your parcels will be dispatched immediately. For those who do not want to wait we can make a refund of their payments, just send us an email at info_ at _signacor _ com . For any comments and suggestions please send us an email.

Yalım A… RI322301164BG Turkey
Eliška F… RI322301155BG Czech Republic
Simon B… RI322301147BG California United States (US)
Richard D… RI322298638BG RI322298624BG Texas United States (US)
Simon A… RI322298607BG Switzerland
Chris R… RI322298615BG Arizona United States (US)
Vojtěch B… RI322297650BG RI322298598BG Czech Republic
Tom K… RI322298567BG Germany
Mark C … RI322298575BG Massachusetts United States (US)
Torsten V… RI322298540BG Germany
Elias R… RI322298553BG Spain
Mark T… RI322298536BG France
John N… RI322298522BG, RI322298584BG United Kingdom (UK)

Sorry for the inconvenience but we are in Force majeure ,