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Variable Delay Line Kit for Active Antenna Phased Arrays (model VDL-1)

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The Kit

The kit consists of the following boards and elements:

  • Variable Delay Line board (with preprogrammed micro-controller with serial interface
  • Balun/Power injector board
  • Keyboard for 4-directional antenna control (with preprogrammed u-controller with serial interface)
  • ABS plastic box (IP55) for VDLine board
  • Short service UTP cable
  • 4 connectors for boards connection
  • All boards are mounted and tested
We no longer produce this product, it’s discontinued.

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Product Description

Minimal additional efforts are needed to complete this active antenna project. For more details look at the Variable Delay Line Technical Section.


  • Passive LC delay line with adjustable delay from 0 to 77.5 ns
  • 100 ohms characteristic impedance
  • Wideband from 0.5 to 14 MHz (for lower delays upto 30 MHz)
  • Balanced input and outputs
  • Relay switches for 4-directional 2-element phased array with micro-controller
  • Full control of switch microcontroller via serial interface. Serial control codes are available.
  • 13.8 to 18 V voltage external supply
  • Pre-programmed keyboard micro-controller for 4-directrional array
  • PC application program for 4-directrional array control via com-port
  • Supports AAA-1 active antenna amplifiers for unique dual mode array
  • Can be used with active antenna elements that are home build or from other vendor


  • 2-element closely spaced phased array with active antenna elements without any modifications
  • Building block for larger arrays


Device overview

This Variable Delay Line kit can be used to build 2–element wideband receiving phased array with closely spaced active antenna elements. The voltages from the two elements are subtracted but the signal from one the elements is delayed with certain value in order to achieve unidirectional pattern. The distance between elements can be determined by the user according to available space and then the variable delay can be set to the optimal value for this distance. The delay setting does not depend from the frequency – it depends only from the distance D between elements thus the array is wideband. Switching of the array elements permits to have 4 directions in subtractive mode. There is also additive mode which is almost unidirectional. It is strongly recommended to read the paper “Receiving Phased Array with Small Electric or Magnetic Active Wideband Elements. Experimental Performance Evaluation.” , where the principle of operation and important parameters of the 2-element phased array are measured and discussed.

The suggested frequency range is form 0.5 to 14 MHz (without any switching) but there is possibility to add one additional delay cell with arbitrary delay so the frequency range can be extended.

Phased Array

In order to build 4-directional 2-element array the user must have 3 active antennas placed in L shape. AAA-1 active antenna amplifiers can be used and the firmware is designed to support the AAA-1 devices, but the user can use also active antennas from other vendor or home build devices. Only two active elements can be used if two opposite directions are needed. The variable delay line (VDLine) board is placed near the active antennas and is remotely controlled. The active antennas must be connected to this module with equal lengths cables for the RF signal. FTP cables are recommended to be used.


Functional block diagram of the VDLine board

The Device

The device consists of 3 SMD pre-mounted, tested and fully functional PCBs. VDLine board is placed in a small ABS plastic box (IP55) for external mount in the vicinity of the active antennas. There are also Keyboard board (KB) and Balun/Power injector board (BPI) which are mounted in the shack. The KB and BPI boards are supplied as is and the user must put them into suitable compartments. The KB board firmware is preprogrammed to use AAA-1 active antenna amplifiers but the same firmware can be used by the user with other active antenna hardware. It is possible to use unique dual antenna mode with AAA-1 amplifiers. That means that with the same antenna setup we can switch between phased array in loop mode and phased array in vertical dipole mode since they are using the same settings of the delay line. These two arrays have different radiation pattern especially in elevation so the user have also elevation control to some extent.


A typical connection of the kit for 4-directional 2-element array


The user should have to build his own small antennas (loops and dipoles) as described elsewhere, to secure a 14 – 20 V power supply and prepare 3 equal length FTP cables to connect 3 AAA-1 amplifiers to the VDLine module and one main FTP cable between VDLine module and BPI board. The connection of the cables to the boards is through terminal blocks (with screws) and there is no crimping of plugs.

The device is very flexible and there is sufficient information in this site how to build a specific array with antennas and parameters even different from the original design. It is possible to change the input and output impedances of this device to other values ( 50 or 75 ohms) by simple change and rewinding of the corresponding transformers. It is possible to use coaxial cable feeders instead of the FTP cables etc. The serial interface codes are given so the user can write his own control sequence software and to control the switching from PC.

This is not a beginners project and the user should have to understand the principles of the phased antennas in order to build a successive antenna system. The VDline kit should be considered as an universal building block for phased array systems and the competent user can use it for various experiments and designs of his own.

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