What is new in AAA-1C

Hello all,
These are the main changes in the new AAA-1C model:
- the control circuits for mode and antenna relays are now with opto-couplers. This will increase the protection level of the device from external electromagnetic fileds. The power consumption of the AAA-1 device is increased with 18 mA due to the opto-couplers.
- there is an additional connector (parallel to RJ45) with terminal blocks (with screws) which permits to connect the FTP cable directly and not to use RJ45 plug. This might be important when other types of protected compartments are used.
- all models of AAA-1 kit are compatible to each other and can be interchanged. The control signals in all models do not differ between each other and they can be used in phased arrays with VDL-1 variable delay line.
In AAA-1C there is no change in main electrical parameters as gain, frequency response, noise and dynamic range compared to AAA-1B model.

Chavdar LZ1AQ