For EU customers – VAT payment

Dear EU customers,
Due to changes in VAT policy for distant sales in EU from 1st July 2021 all goods that are delivered to physical persons in EU are due to VAT charges. The VAT which you pay at our site will be the VAT rate of your country and will be submitted to your country by our tax authorities to your tax authorities. We do not collect any percent of this tax as a reduction from paid VAT for components etc. as usual. For the moment we keep our prices at the same level. For non-EU customer the prices are without VAT. From the moment we passed the turnover threshold for EU distant sales we will begin to charge this VAT for EU customers. The VAT rate will be set from our shopping cart for the country where is the delivery address .
For corporate clients please send us an email to I n f o for offer.
September 2021
Chavdar LZ1AQ