Wideband Small Receiving Loop Simplified

I have put in Technical info section of this site a short file named “Wideband Small Receiving Loop Simplified”  http://active-antenna.eu/tech-docs/wideband-small-receiving-loop-simplified.pdf . This is an answer to often asked questions about the wideband loop design. For more detailed study of this topic I … Continued

Errors in Technical Documentation

Update: All revised documents are uploaded in Active Antenna Amplifier – Technical Inforamation 1. In Question & Answers document There is an error in Fig.4.10 : Terminal 1(J2) should be 4(J2). (Thanks to DL7NB and DF9RB) The Q&A document will be revised. 2. In Mounting Instructions document Section 2.1 First … Continued

To our customers from Japan

Thank you for purchasing our kit. In some of PayPal emails received from japanese customers the address is not readable probably due to japanese character set used. In such a  case we will send an email with a  note to send to info@active-antenna.eu  … Continued

Happy New Year

This has been a long term ham project which I experimented for several years during my free time. The main motivation was that this wideband antenna is the natural companion of the new generation of wideband DDC SDR receivers. The … Continued