Resumed Dispatch

Last revised on 26 May 2020

AAA-1, VDL-1 orders and dispatch are now available for some countries. We do not accept orders that can not be dispatched immediately.


There are 2 ways available for delivery for the moment:

Standard post

This is a registered parcel, released upon signature, not insured, with priority, air transport. Tracking is available. Price of shipping is still 8.5 euro for single AAA-1 , flat rate all over the world. This shipping is available for the following countries:

Albania, Greece, Denmark, Latvia, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden .
New countries EUROPE: Austria, Belgum, Germany, Czechia, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, France
Japan, South Korea, PR China, Vietnam, Thailand, India , Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt , Qatar, Mexico, Brasil, Israel,

Check the list of the countries – it will be updated on daily basis if there are changes. We hope that more countries will be added soon.

Land transportation

This is “door to door” service, with tracking, not insured. It is available for the most of the countries in Europe. The price of shipping depends on the country of delivery and is between 16 to 40 euro. The delivery time is from 5 to 7 working days. We are now negotiating with the company for reduced prices for regular users.

North and South America , Australia, New Zealand customers
Unfortunately for the moment we do not have a reliable and relatively cheap way to dispatch our products. The prices of the international courier services some times exceeds the price of the kit.


There are 2 ways of payment – via Paypal or bank transfer. For paypal payment you will receive paypal invoice. For European Union countries it is possible to pay also via SEPA bank transfer. We have 3% discount for bank transfer payments. Declare bank transfer in your request email. We will send a proforma invoice with our bank account.


1. Send an email request to It must contain the shipping address and a valid paypal account email address (only for paypal payments). Add a phone number for land “door to door” delivery.
2. You will receive a paypal or proforma invoice to make the payment.
3. After the payment is successful, we will send the parcel within 5 working days and you will get an email with tracking number.

We are not VAT registered and invoices for corporate clients are not issued. Corporate clients should contact us for more details.

The time of the arrival will be surely prolonged due to known circumstances – so be patient. Standard orders from the shopping basket will resume after all the limitations are removed.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Stay safe,
Chavdar (LZ1AQ)