What is new in AAA-1C

Hello all, These are the main changes in the new AAA-1C model: – the control circuits for mode and antenna relays are now with opto-couplers. This will increase the protection level of the device from external electromagnetic fileds. The power … Continued

Variable Delay Line kit VDL-1 is introduced

Hello to everybody, The www.active-antenna.eu page has been reorganized with the following additions: Variable delay line kit VDL-1 is introduced to be used for receiving phased arrays (unidirectional) with small active loops and dipoles antennas. An article “ Additional Environment … Continued

Wideband Small Receiving Loop Simplified

I have put in Technical info section of this site a short file named “Wideband Small Receiving Loop Simplified”  http://active-antenna.eu/tech-docs/wideband-small-receiving-loop-simplified.pdf . This is an answer to often asked questions about the wideband loop design. For more detailed study of this topic I … Continued